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In today's business environment, use of the internet to acquire customers is vital for your venture to survive. A modern business owner must be confident they can develop their business rapidly online. One of the strongest mechanisms to accomplish this is the utilization of online lead generation. Online lead generation can be accomplished in one of numerous methods, including the following: marketing in articles and forums; the implementation of social networking (with an emphasis on Facebook and similar services); usage of viral marketing, including the effective creation of YouTube videos; and, finally, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to increase the prominence of your endeavor on web search engines. Each tool has its advantages and drawbacks. Used in concert, they can, together, work to increase business volume via the internet, an absolute prerequisite for success in today's business environment.

Article marketing is, and long has been, a powerful means of spreading a message about a company. This technique bears many similarities to the press release as used to influence journalists. Simply put, the strategy is to generate an informative article that will be considered interesting and worth sharing. By making such an article about one's own business, a business owner has the opportunity for this article to be shared on sites that are consistently hungry to more content. In this way, the business owner, eager to share information about their venture, and the news site author, always desirous of more content and opportunity for visitors (and advertising click-throughs), can find a common interest and advance their mutual goals simultaneously. Unfortunately, it has always been difficult to determine whether any given article will be considered interesting enough to spread, and for the marketer of the article, typically the business owner, to distinguish their contribution from the overall noise of other articles in the system.

Social networking is also an exciting new avenue for online lead generation. Using connections built on social networks, links can be shared with a significantly higher click-through rate. This is undoubtedly because of the sense of trust and loyalty that is found between friends on a social network that is not typically available in a forum or within the blog author/reader relationship. Once again, it can be difficult, however, to have one's message spread in this manner. But, a single well-deployed marketing strategy (such as an attractive offer for users of social media) can create a rapid spread of interest across the internet.

In the end, the opportunities for an business for online lead generation, and its attendant benefits, are numerous. Any business owner considering spreading their message and attracting customers in a modern environment would be well-advised to consider the various techniques discussed here in order to maximize their chances for revenue generation and customer awareness.

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