Internet Marketing Tips - Avoid Spamming People

Avoid Spamming People

With so many people moving towards an online community to get goods and services, Internet marketing tips seem to be on the mind of small business owners and affiliate marketing talent alike. If you're in either one of those categories, it's important to look into options that will get your information into the eyes of millions of potential friends and customers. While some skeptics will scoff at the notion of getting free advertising, many large companies have figured out the best way to get promotion is to befriend others through free profiles on social networking websites.

Success without spamming people

Most recently, in an issue of Money Magazine, a small business was highlighted as getting an increase of 200% in profit through simply giving away their software in exchange for a social media shout out. With so many people taking advantage of this, and so many users talking about it on their social media page, the company become profitable nearly overnight, and millions of new potential customers came to their website and purchased other items.

If you want to duplicate that kind of success, you'll have to figure out what internet marketing tips will work for you and what won't. There are several do's and don'ts that are applicable to situations of marketing potential. For instance, you do want to engage people in conversation about what it is you and your company do, but you don't want it to be so transparent that you're selling something to someone. If you're not selling anything, but rather are trying to communicate with a new user base, you'll find that spamming people is easy.

If you simply send a message to a stranger, even if they seem interested, you could be labeled as a spam artist. In the marketing world, the spam title is a major blunder that you want to never have to deal with. Instead of sending people blind messages, make sure that you engage all friends and neighbors in any social networking site with sincerity, and do not mention what you're promoting for quite sometime.

Let the conversations happen over time, naturally. It will take some savvy, but you can get any one to be interested in your content, if you simply engage them at a social level that is not pretentious in any way. The easiest way to facilitate this is to simply comment on their posts, pictures, and communicate with them through simple questions and answers.


  1. Adding interactivity to your website will be best, since it means that you are involving them in your world. Include a commenting system, a forum, or other inactive systems to your website. Ask visitors of what ideas they like and don’t like. This would help build a relationship with them, and serve you a “word of mouth” scheme through the web when you have gained their trust.

    Staci Burruel

  2. It is best to add more to a post, or to share tips when conversing. Making it casual as professionally possible is always a good habit, since people are turned off with strangers being too friendly and too open, and they shun those who are too technical. It would be good to practice being a balance of both spectrums.

    Tanisha Castorena

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  4. The best way to promote your product without being labeled as “spamming” is through quality commenting. Don’t just post a message or note stating your product, instead start a conversation and/or share your ideas. Make your comment light but very substantial.

    -Sage Aumick